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Dream Job

What if you don’t have one?

Let me tell you, this question has haunted me even before I graduated. What to do with my degree, with my life? It’s kept me up at night, terrified of the prospect of searching for something that I can’t envision. It seems as though all my friends have a very clear idea of what they want to do: Teacher, so apply at school districts; Missionary, apply at mission agencies; Get a masters, apply for grad school. What happens when you are the one floating directionless on a sea of possibilities?

That’s when it hit me: I don’t have to have it all figured out yet! I always say that I trust God with my life, and that I know He’s in control; Now I have to believe it more than ever before. It’s during this time that I have to really trust that He’s leading me. Crazy? Maybe to some, but right now, this is where God has me: at home. I may not be living up to my professor’s dreams that I be a high-powered executive or an entrepreneur, but thankfully I don’t live for his approval.

Second epiphany: I don’t have to be exactly what my degree says I should be. I don’t love business, but I know the degree will help me no matter what job I apply for. I’m still scared, that won’t change. But like Abraham, God’s not exactly showing me what He’s up to with my life right now. I’d like to think he was a little scared too when he couldn’t see what was coming. That’s why his faith was so incredible – he went anyway. Despite the fear, he believed so strongly that God was in control and would never hurt him that he overcame any reservations. I might not even have a tenth of that faith, but now is the time to find out.

All I really know is this:

God’s not done with me yet.


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2 thoughts on “Dream Job

  1. Very nice 🙂 You have a very impactful reading style and this length was great for a post-not so long that you lost me! God isn’t done with you yet. Keep your eyes on Him!

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