Weekend Wanderer

Diary of the UNDER-employed :)

Two of my good friends from church pointed out today that I should change the name of my blog, because I am lucky enough to have a part-time job at a grocery store! Hmm, very true! I work less than 32 hours a week, but it really is one of the nicer places to work in town, and I am grateful for it.

Take yesterday for instance: I’d like to name yesterday…

“Bring your adorable, well-behaved kid to the store” day.

Generally, going to the store doesn’t exactly bring out the best in kids, and usually makes me reconsider my desire to ever have kids. Yesterday was way out of the ordinary – in a good way! I saw  young, smiling, adorable, quiet, and obedient children, which did much to give me hope for the future of America. Take example #1: a small, white-blonde, pig-tailed girl in pink glasses that slid down her nose who was elated to help mommy put things into the cart and bag groceries! Her smile could melt the Grinch, I swear!

Examples #2-7 ranged from pudgy, sleepy-eyed, twin boy infants to mischievous little girls telling me their big adventure eating catfish and crawdads. Some earned their cuteness points by being polite and saying thank-you without being asked – bravo moms and dads!

It’s days like that that make shift work fun 🙂


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