Weekend Wanderer

Any Job is Better than NO Job…

…or is it?

Here is the dilemma most college students face post-graduation: “I really need the money right now, but I hate this job.” We are always told to pursue our dreams when we are in school, but as soon as cold, hard reality hits, it sounds more like this: “Be practical – you need the money!” “Just take the job, so many of your friends don’t even have that!”

Please don’t misunderstand me, but I think this is faulty thinking. I agree that you should start earning money to pay those ever-present bills as soon as you can, but starting a career with disappointed hopes? Not good.

Proposed Solution? Find a Dream.

No seriously, find what it is that really makes you tick! Think about things you enjoy, or a time you felt truly happy, and look for a way to live out that dream. You have a shot now to go after what you actually want – why not go for it? Take me for example: I finally found out that the times I was happiest were on missions trips, so from that I know that I love to help others (spiritually and physically) and travel. I am now looking for jobs close to a mission church in a city I heard about so I can get involved there.

So take heart, fellow jobhunter! Even if you have to work part time at a job (like me!) during this “in between” stage, if you have a dream or goal to be working towards, it make life a bit more bearable in the “unemployed lane.” 🙂


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