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Don’t let your cover letter cover you!

I’ve sent out a lot of these wonderful documents and have met with little – actually no – success from it. What is the purpose of this letter? Cover letters aren’t meant to cover who you are as a person, in fact, they seek to do the exact opposite by introducing you to a potential employer. Why, then, do we use the same canned cover letter that sounds like this:

“To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Kelsea Davis, and I am responding to your job application for position X. My skills in organization, word-processing, and dog walking would make me an asset to ABC company.”

Seriously. I was bored writing that just now, so I can only imagine what employers are thinking as they slog through endless letters that all sound the same.

Cover letters are supposed to be motivational – they should inspire the person reading it to hire you, or at least call you for an interview! In my humble opinion, the only way that will happen is if you infuse your letter with the passion you have for that job. No passion? Try something else, because your cover letter will end up as bland as your aspirations for this position.

Want more specific advice? I stumbled across a very post on the basics of writing a cover letter (it even mentions passion for the job!) at this blog:

Daily Muse Blog
Check it out!


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