Weekend Wanderer

What you DO vs. Who you ARE

This past winter I attended a retirement service for a most beloved pastor, and was challenged by this thought: “People won’t remember what you do, but they will remember who you are.”

I’ve looked at what seems like thousands of job descriptions and help wanted ads without much enthusiasm, and I’m beginning to realize why: these things are “what I do” type jobs. None of them would make me excited to go to work every morning. None of them help me define who I am.

Who am I? What drives me? Well the fact that I’ve been saved by the blood of Christ is the defining feature of my life. I may not always remember to live this way, but I sure would like that to be reflected in my career path. The thing is, sometimes you just have to have a goal in mind before you can move on with life, and that is what has been missing from my search.

So here’s the goal readers:

Serve God no matter what.

Seriously. That’s it. Right now I’m living at home, so I have the chance to serve Him in my local church. As I look for certain types of jobs I want to make sure there is a good church nearby, or even work in a Christian organization (like a mission agency or at a church possibly?). The point is, I don’t have life figured out. I probably never will, but by God’s grace I will end up in a place where I can serve Him no matter what.

…and I might even love my job, too. 🙂


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