Weekend Wanderer

The One that Got Away

Well friends, it happened.

I found a job I really wanted, even thought was straight from God considering the fact that I hadn’t even been looking when it fell into my lap! It seemed to materialize out of nowhere and was tailor made for me. The job is connected to an awesome church, and it is at a Christian organization to boot! I thought it was perfect!

Apparently, I was wrong. After many excited emails (probably too many, in retrospect) and a beautiful resume packet in the mail, I received the dreaded rejection letter. Ever gotten one of those? Well this isn’t my first, and it won’t be my last – I’d be willing to bet on that. Given the state of the economy and my haphazard search, it’s only to be expected.

Here’s a bit of wisdom (if I’ve gained any) readers: those letters will tell you exactly how you felt about that job. If you breathe a sigh of relief when it comes, clearly the job wasn’t right for you. If however, you really wanted that job like I did, it will hurt like a punch to the gut every time you read that opening line:

“We are so excited about the many applicants who interviewed with us, unfortunately…”

Another take-away from this experience: Get over it. No seriously. So that wasn’t what God had in mind for your life (or mine, in this case). Life goes on, and if you don’t pick up and continue the job search, the business world will move on. You may know you’re great for the job, but if you don’t apply, no one else will and frankly, no one else will care either. After all, how can you care about someone you don’t know?

Get out there readers. Show them what you’ve got!


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