Weekend Wanderer

Revisiting the Past

What was I thinking?

I’ve sent out a lot of resumes and applications in this job process, which has lasted almost a year now, but a single thought managed to escape my notice throughout this tedious process: I work at a grocery store.


I started working at my local grocery store when I was a fresh-faced 16 year old with no career ambitions. I knew sometime in the distant future this thing would enter my adult life called “Debt.” Did I understand like I do now what that word means? Not even close! But the point is, I’ve worked there consistently for 6 years.

Hello! Experience, anyone?

What is the number one thing that employers look for? Experience. Why do you think internships are in such high demand? Employers want knowledge and experience, a powerfully expensive combination (powerful for them, expensive for me). All this time I’ve been trying to find my “dream job” which is a vague notion in and of itself, all the while trying to convince myself that I need to be something more than I am in order to land that job.

Here’s the thing readers:

No work experience is too small, and if you find yourself working part time in any industry, why not look for jobs in that same industry?

For me, that means grocery stores. I have never applied at a grocery store chain because I couldn’t broaden my vision beyond what I do right now. How many different jobs are available in one of the biggest industries in the world? A lot. People have to eat, and won’t stop anytime soon I’m guessing.

To those of you still searching, don’t ever underestimate your past part-time jobs, even if you didn’t love them. Use your imagination and see how one job could turn into a whole other realm of possibilities. Time to open your eyes!


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