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Thursday’s Theory: Put yourself out there!

There’s nothing like alliteration!

I can’t take credit for originating the theory of “prospecting,” but as of today it is a theory I have yet to test myself. What is prospecting? Glad you asked! When you find a company you would just die of happiness to work at, send them a letter and a resume even when you don’t see job postings available.

Let’s face it, I feel a little strange doing this.

My business professors touched on this method of job searching as one that showed direction, self-motivation, and chutzpah! It is supposed to show employers that I know what I want and won’t sit stagnant while I wait. It can create a great first impression if done right.

The takeaway?

With my newfound vision of using my previous grocery store experience, I am going to test this theory on some major chains (think Whole Foods – my favorite!). I will try my hand at writing a “prospecting letter” and share some tips I learn along the way! That way I may end up imparting some wisdom to you, reader. Maybe. 

Stay tuned!



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3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Theory: Put yourself out there!

  1. Go get ’em! If you’re going after whole foods, get their attention by making your letter look all contemporary and attractive! They are big into sustainability and organics so it may boost your chances to make a passion for those types of issues a pillar of your communications. May the Lord bless your efforts!

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