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A trip across the pond

Once in your lifetime, go to Ireland.

I had the incredible chance to join a missions team to Ireland, and I can’t tell you all how it has changed my outlook. This blog is all about job-hunting, but a sabbatical is always welcome 🙂

I must apologize however, for the complete lack of writing for the last few weeks! I’ve been so busy preparing and traveling that I forgot to update you all! So here’s how it breaks down so far:

Jet Lag is terrible, but once you get where you are going, it is worth every minute of headache-y exhaustion.

Something about this country seeps into you after a few days of wandering its velvet green hills, growing into you in ways as subtle as the softly falling rain. I can’t possibly describe the magic it is to visit and hear stories of Ireland past – their culture has had time to gain so much more depth through tragedy than our young country. You can’t help but be moved by the years of struggle and heartache this land has known, yet wonder at the strength and resilience found in the hearts of its people.

This may not help in a purely “job-seeking” perspective, but the way it will broaden your perspective and mature you as a person is far more valuable than any seminar on how to write a resume.
More to come!


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