Weekend Wanderer

Just Drive.

On the opposite side of the road? Preposterous!

Yet here I find myself, a passenger in a car flying down the opposite side of a rainy country road, with hedges brushing my window and sheep grazing, peacefully oblivious to the fact they narrowly avoided death by our car just now…

I must say that driving in Europe is something I’m not sure I could master, though the main highways are not so bad. I still would get in the right side of the car and be surprised by a steering wheel, or get to close to the sharpest curbs on the planet and pop my tire. Literally.

One of the surprising bonuses about driving here is that there is virtually no road rage! At least from what I’ve seen, the drivers here are very considerate – they have to be with so little space to maneuver! Kudos to you, Irish drivers, for putting up with our slow merging and bad park jobs 🙂


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