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Extreme Ireland.

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Today’s adventure took place in one of the smallest buses I’ve ridden in thus far for a cross-country tour to the south of Ireland! I just couldn’t resist blogging about this, because it was truly an adventure.
It all started yesterday, when Susie and I were trying to plan another event to make the most of our time here – which we have been excellent at planning so far, by the way 🙂 We knew a bus tour was pretty much our only option since our chauffeur flew back to the states – we miss you Josh and Annie!!! After deciding which sites we wanted to see and what company sounded the best, we booked our first bus tour! Little did we know what were in for…
Upon arrival (at the awful hour of 6:45), we were greeted by our “bus” which reminded is of a glorified hippie van. It seems as though the brochure exaggerated somewhat, including the part that said we would have a handsome local tour guide…
Oh Dave. What a pleasant chap. Swine sure took advantage of poetic license with the description (“handsome and charming with a sexy accent”). He has a bit of ADD and possesses the “gift of gab” thanks to prior visits to the Blarney stone. At one point in his colorful monologue he interrupted himself to yell at a farmer herding his horse down the road from the comfort of his truck. It was both entertaining and terrifying as he rambled over the rumble strip, completely unrattled at the fact he was no longer on the straight and narrow.
Needless to say, we made it to all stops on our tour safe and sound, but only by the grace of God! Our tour included the Rock of Cashel, Blarney castle, and Cork city. It was wonderful – my favorite was the “Rock Close” garden at Blarney. It was all misty, rainforest magic filled with legends and myths about fairies and Druids. I highly recommend it!
At the end of the day, I has to look back and evaluate the trip. Here are the take-aways:
-Go with someone, or hope you make fun friends on the bus! Usually the crowd is older and keeps to themselves – unless you get the dreaded “chatty Cathy” who wants to know every detail of your life, or wants to share every detail of theirs. We thankfully avoided this one on this trip, but the train has been another story (for another time). The point is, take someone to break the monotony and inject some humor when your driver is pleasantly insane.
-Bring headphones. On any public transport. You will thank me later for that, small town citizen.
-Enjoy every second. How often will you be rolling through Ireland in a bus with matchbox size seats and a jolly, verbose tour guide Yeah that’s right, not often. This is the stuff of memories – not only that we survived in one piece, but that we got to take part in incredible beauty and a breathlessly unforgettable journey (mostly because you should be giggling at your outrageous tour guide too much to catch a breath)!
All things considered, I am glad Sus and I took this tour 🙂 sure it was a “touristy” thing to do, but it defied expectations all along the way.
Part of a true adventure are the crazy mishaps you survive to tell about that give your stories color and life 🙂
Well, that and the fact that you might lose 5 lbs in silent laughter.


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2 thoughts on “Extreme Ireland.

  1. Leslie Harrison on said:

    What a writer!!!!!! Sounds like you guys are having fun.

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