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No Talent, No Ambition?

Ever had that nagging feeling that you have nothing worthwhile to offer an employer? Or that you will never find a perfect job because you have no idea what you are actually good at? Welcome to the months I’ve spent after college!

I’ve come to a realization lately that I am likely to stumble upon at least 400 more times in my life: As long as my focus remains on my own shortcomings, I am bound to remain discouraged and without motivation to pursue anything. God has done a lot to change my mindset regarding this issue even just this morning as I sat quietly for the first time in a while and truly meditated on what He was doing in my life.

First, God’s call is just that: it’s HIS call. Nothing I can do will ever complete His call in my life, or bring me success that truly matters. Do I live like this is true? Not lately. My focus is obstinately turned inward, seeing how I fail rather than resting in the fact that God promised He is in control of my life.

This brings me to my second point: the Christian life has nothing to do with what I can do, or what I have to offer. In the job world, it is appropriate to highlight accomplishments, but in my Christian life, it’s not the same. Somewhere along the way I forgot God’s grace extends to cover my failings, that He ALONE is all I need, that nothing I do in my own strength can win favor (or bring disdain).

It’s so hard to remember that God is the one in control of my life, not me.



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2 thoughts on “No Talent, No Ambition?

  1. So true! We need these reminders over and over again. 🙂

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