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Great Expectations


It was a day that changed my life, catapulting me into the adult realm in a full-time way.

Somehow, when that phone rang, I knew. I would finally land a job, after all these months of hoping, resume-ing, interviewing, dreaming, and working part time, and it felt surreal. Many of my friends can commiserate in the job-search process; it makes you doubt your abilities to do anything worthwhile.

And yet, without all the struggle, applications, and rejection letters, this victory would not feel even one tenth as sweet. It feels as though I’ve been fighting to prove myself – to employers, to myself, even to God. What I finally realized at the end of this journey (for the present) is that I can’t be confident in myself, but rather what God’s given me. And He has given me so much.

This undefined time of my life, floating in a sea of purposeless confusion, gave me the urge for an anchor, for stability that was no longer mine through school schedules, and couldn’t be guaranteed from shift work. My anchor is Jesus, my unchanging Savior. Do I live like this is true? Not always. Thankfully, God uses my flaws and weaknesses to show more clearly His strengths, like consistency, peace, and faithfulness.

That brings me to tonight, the eve of my full-time, hard-working, paying-the-bills, ordinary adult life. There is so much value in doing the ordinary – don’t ever underestimate where you are now. I look forward to getting in the routine of a small-town job, moving forward towards my goals of financial freedom at an accelerated pace.

How does anyone “great” get where they are? By starting here, at the ground floor of employment, with great expectations for the future.

Tomorrow it starts!


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