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“Quarter-Life Crisis”

3 jobs, 60 hours, no life.

Rewind to last December, when I arrived back at home from school without purpose, and without a job. Well, almost without a job. I had part time work, and not the foggiest notion of how to grow up and enter the real world.

After six months of lackadaisical part-time employment, my school loans came due.

That is when I officially panicked.

How in the world did I have so much debt? I never remembered seeing these enormous numbers when I was signing up for classes…then again, I don’t remember much from that time besides crushing nerves and excitement.

Anyway, this brought on an onslaught of emotions, ranging from the aforementioned panic to confusion and depression with the job market. What to do, what to do? If you’ve read my scant posts before, you know that I’ve had trouble finding a dream to pursue, much less a career, leaving me in a “driftwood state.”

Present Day:

Now, finally, I am OVER employed. Juggling three jobs is great for the bills, not so great on my mental health (read: exhaustion, general crabbiness, etc.). I’m faced with decisions that I never thought I would have to make before, like why is each job important to me? Working at an airport obviously allows me to fly anywhere in the world for free (HUGE perk since I’m hooked on travel after this summer), but the hours are slightly insane (3AM anyone?).

Here is another thing I hadn’t expected: with this new full-time position, when will I ever find time to travel??

Oh boy.

I do so love this full-time, grown up office job, but it’s really cramping my travel. Hmm. My first life goal included living a gypsy lifestyle using my days off to travel the world. Then it was, take extra hours at the grocery store in order to be wiser about my debt (with a few big trips for some excitement/sanity of course).

My goal now? To be continued…


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2 thoughts on ““Quarter-Life Crisis”

  1. I do so love you Kelsea… don’t ever forget that God has an ultimate plan.. and that I miss you 🙂

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