Weekend Wanderer


…should not have blogs.

I, unfortunately, fall into this category. I vainly attempt to create perfect sentence structure that crystallizes the beauty of the English language, chocked full of words like “egregious” (ok maybe that isn’t the best word choice, but that’s all I have this morning).

Herein lies my downfall.

While I long to write brilliant articles like this scathing critique on Guy Fieri’s new restaurant (seriously, read it just for all the 3 syllable words), I end up with a scattered mess of mediocrity. Yes, I am proud of that last phrase.

Consistency is key – I learned this from a travel blog that I stumbled upon and quite enjoy (especially since the writer’s current travels are in Ireland! I loved my adventures there!). Her name is Geraldine, and she offered some helpful insights about blogging for beginners, which clearly includes me. This piece really opened my eyes to a lot of “beginner errors” I was making, including waiting an unacceptable amount of time between posts – just look at my timeline! Through my mistakes, and as I learn, I hope that it helps someone else out there…or gives them a good laugh.

Here are the take-aways for today (if only for my sake): Write often, be consistent, write about what you love, and throw perfection out the window. After all, who can achieve that?



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