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Thursday’s Theory: Your Best Face Forward

Have you ever had a breakthrough moment at work? A time when you were one step ahead of the rest?

Today was my day!

I can’t tell you how good that rush of confidence feels when you stumble onto a right answer that no one else could find – in fact, I’m still basking in the glow of a job well done (and trying vainly to keep my pride in check)!

It all began in a training meeting for new software. Things were going well until we tried a new design and couldn’t make it work in the software. This software was similar to other software I used in college, so I was familiar with the general idea of it, but couldn’t quite figure out the measurements (sorry this is vague, but I really couldn’t explain this if I tried). The thing that really got to me was that everyone was willing to accept the limitations on what seemed like a simple issue.

I wanted to solve it. Once I’m presented with a challenge I can’t let it go until I have exhausted every possible avenue, and this time, that determination came in handy! 30 minutes later success was mine!

It was almost like a scene from one of my favorite movies, The Devil Wears Prada: I finally did something right when it seemed like all I could do was wrong. Small though it was, this achievement felt like the sweetest victory in a long time. Hearing my trainer tell me how impressed she was with me didn’t hurt either!

To bring it back down to reality, God gets all the glory for my success, because without Him I am nothing – I need His grace every bit as much on my “good” days as I do on my “bad” days.

Here is my advice to you, reader: Be proactive when a problem arises, and don’t be afraid to voice your ideas – it just might work in your favor! If you can be reasonably confident your answer will solve the problem, don’t hesitate to speak up.

Another piece of advice? Don’t let your pride run away from you – remember you don’t always have the right answers, even if you got one right today. Remember in a new job that you still have a lot to learn, and you must continue to prove yourself – no slacking off!


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