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Thursday’s Theory: A day late, but not a dollar short

Technically, it is Friday, but yesterday was Thanksgiving, so I feel I have a valid excuse for not posting.

Today’s theory is about thankfulness for the daily grind, and showing that gratitude in the one place that seems starved for a little positivity: the office. After all, that’s the vehicle we utilize to pay for our indulgences on days like *ahem* Black Friday.

Too often at the office, it’s what we don’t have rather than what we do: Better hours, a day off, better pay, a more fulfilling role in the company, etc. What would happen if we stopped complaining for what we don’t have and be thankful for the ability to work at all in an unstable economy? How refreshing is it to be around positive coworkers, or better yet, to be that positive coworker. And what’s more, why am I trading that gratefulness for complaining when I’ve been blessed beyond measure, when I claim that Christ satisfies my every need?

This idea has been ruminating in my mind and heart for a few days, as the wear and tear of being “over-employed” has dampened my spirits somewhat. Somewhere in the cacauphony of “tasks” I lost the quietness of a thankful spirit for all the things I’ve been blessed with. Then suddenly, I was confronted with Thanksgiving.

Why does it take one day in a year for us to open our eyes to the richness of life, America?

It was on this day that seemed so full in so many respects, that I took my eyes off the “ground” and looked beyond to the bigger picture.  I was reminded again not only of the brevity of life, but also of the blessings I’ve been given. In one of my favorite Psalms, 103, David writes: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits…who satisfies you with good things so that your youth is renewed…” (Vs. 2, 5).

After all, what’s that saying? That nothing worth achieving comes easily? Let’s be grateful for what we’ve been given in this beautiful, imperfect struggle we call life: a chance to provide, a chance to give back, and a chance to honor God.


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