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It’s Monday.


Nothing went terribly wrong today, but it was a day at work that consisted of a long chain of mini-mistakes, each link weakening my confidence in my own abilities. The day is done, and I can’t even remember exactly when this nagging feeling of discouragement and incompetance settled in – was it the accusatory phone call, or the multiple payments I entered wrong? Nothing life changing, for sure, but it was enough to shake me a bit.

Fact: There will always be Mondays, or bad hair days, or “first days” that stretch beyond your first month. There will be times when you make mistakes at work that make your coworkers look at you with that shock that seems to say “I’ve never made a mistake that silly in my entire career here, probably not even in my lifetime – how did you get hired?”

Was my Monday a little disheartening? Sure, but none of the little mistakes that led me to this point seems to matter. What matters to me, and I hope to you, is how to react to “Mondays.” I have learned (but apparently it has yet to sink in), that I will fail. That is not where the story ends – far from it! I will fail, but I trust in someone who will never fail me, and only through my inconsistencies and weaknesses can I see so clearly that Jesus embodies every quality I lack.

He promised me that because I am weak, He is strong. This is where my confidence comes from, and this is the hope that shines through the cloudiest “Monday.” I know not all of you share my belief (though I wish you would!), but I hope at least this is clear:

Whatever character flaws I have can serve a purpose, and that is to prove that God’s attributes are shown more clearly when compared to it’s other extreme. Here’s an example: I am often frustrated with myself because I say yes to many things, and then I won’t be able to carry them out, or I’ll forget, etc. My lack of dependability is something I want to improve, yes, but it also has opened my eyes to how dependable my God is. He is always there for me, He always loves me, and He always keeps His word. This means so much more to me because I know how hard that attribute of dependability or consistency is to achieve in my own life at times.

Think of things you wish you could change about yourself, persistent failures in your life that inspire “Mondays.” Now think beyond that – what if you believed in a God who was everything you lack?

This Monday may not have been the best, but it was worth the reminder that because of Christ dying, I am complete.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Monday.

  1. Beautiful truths! I really enjoyed the insight and focus of that post-not what happened to you, but how you respond to it. I thoroughly enjoy your writing!

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