Weekend Wanderer

That’s Life.

“Pride goes before a fall.”

Never in my life have I experienced that to quite as literal a degree as I did after my big success at work a few weeks ago. I was floating on air after finally proving myself capable of doing more than answering phones when it happened. I fell. I fell hard.

Stupid heels.

Massive shoulder bruise

My personalized shoulder tatoo of the stairs. There’s more where that came from.

This moment was so embarassing that I felt guilty keeping it to myself – after all I might as well be the first to laugh at myself!

Here’s how this went down (literally! How punny…): I had just finished recounting my on-the-job triumph to a good friend at church, which took a while (naturally), and I realized the church had emptied whilst I was gloating. On a mission to depart, I walked briskly to the stairs.

Have you ever seen those stairs covered in laminate and metal weather stripping? They aren’t my favorite. That first stupid strip is what did it – it literally reached up and snagged my heel with all the force of an immovable object. It’s really quite comical how fast these things happen: I went from confidently standing to an impressive complete flip in a skirt, all in about a millisecond.

The funniest part about this (besides the visual of me taking a head first digger into the stairs)? No one saw it. Not a single person was there to witness this event! If I were sensible, I might use this to my advantage, but after laughing until tears were streaming down my face with my sister on the phone I realized this was too good not to share. There are so many pithy quotes and puns running through my head right now, like this one: the higher you are, the harder you fall, and etc. Oh my. Never a dull moment in my life!

Also, the next morning I couldn’t move.

Stairs: 1

Kelsea: 0


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