Weekend Wanderer

Find Your Sweet Spot

For me, it’s 2:00 PM everyday.

Why you ask? It’s when my coworker goes to lunch šŸ™‚

This isn’t as terrible as it sounds – I actually don’t mind working at the same desk with her, but that one hour to myself is what I consider a sweet spot in my day. This is the hour of complete silence, of unbroken peace and good music, the one I’m looking forward to most in the day (besides my lunch of course).

Today’s helpful insight for my dear, overemployed friends? Find that sweet spot in your day, that moment of unbreakable zen, uncluttered by workplace chatter or even confused mumblings from theĀ other side of your desk (or even from your side of the desk!).

Today’s post will be as simple as the idea it contains: find something to look forward to in your day. Relish the time for mental sanity, and by the end of the day, you may just have some left.


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