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Thursday’s Theory: Get Real.

This post is dedicated to my father, who has taught me everything about being true to who you are.

It was a typical Saturday shift at the airport, and, as per usual, I was cramming for my Sunday School lesson the next day during our down time before the plane landed.

So far, a very pleasant evening, and I was working with one of my favorite coworkers (yes, you can actually have a favorite coworker!). She is one of those people who is peaceful to be around – there is no abundance of drama, just consistently quiet work ethic. She is also a person who is a rare combination of inquisitiveness without judgementalism, erring on the side of trepidation at hurting anothers feelings.

Due to this pleasant quality of open-minded curiosity, she asked about my Sunday School lesson. I know how pathetic this will sound, but I was able to tell her about my lesson on God’s will with complete ease. The pathetic part is not that I felt the freedom to explain my lesson on God’s will, but rather that I talked about what I really believe without breaking out into a cold sweat and mumbling my way through.

As a confessed people pleaser, I often live in a realm of self-imposed fear, anxious that I might offend rather than be confident in my beliefs.

And therein lies today’s tip, fellow unemployed overemployed masses: Get real.

Be confident enough to hold to your beliefs and convictions without dreading an imagined offence, or without seeking to offend. Be a genuine, honest, loving person, and people will respect you. Share what you are passionate about – it’s what makes you more human to your coworkers, more relatable. After all, don’t we all have passions about something? I hope you know by now, that I’m passionate about Jesus. It’s only natural after I considered that He came to die for my sins.

Agree with me or not, thank you for reading this, and in so doing, letting me to tell you about my passions.

Now seriously, get real at the office – there’s only so much you can say about the weather 🙂


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