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Thursday’s Theory: Three Little Words.

If you are thinking “I love you,” you are wrong.

The impetus of today’s theory was an assignment for my insanely talented brother-in-law (pictured below!), who is growing his photography business. The assignment was: “Describe me in three words.”

We clean up alright :) Said brother-in-law is in the middle...with the bride.

Said brother-in-law is in the middle…with the bride. Isn’t she stunning folks??

Like any good assignment, this one had me into some serious self-reflection long after I had written those 3 words (Hint: no matter what I came up with, there’s no way I could sum up my new brother in just 3 words. I am firmly convinced in his being  too awesome to be encapsulated in such a small number!).

One more, because they are gorgeous! Photo by: Cory + Jackie photography

One more, because they are gorgeous! Photo by: Cory + Jackie photography

What three words would someone use for me? This question haunted me and resounded as I worked on my Sunday School lesson for the week, which just happened to be about conveying a message. As we learned about Peter and John in the Bible and how they boldly conveyed a message (Acts 4:1-21 if you’re interested), all I could think about were my three words. For those great heroes of the faith it was easy to describe them: they were zealous, passionate, courageous. They made it easy to define because they lived their lives with such clarity.

What it comes down to (whether you disagree with me on beliefs or not), is that you and I are consistently conveying a message with our lives. Every hour, every minute. I urge you to consider what you are saying when you aren’t speaking. What does your life define you as?

The takeaway: If someone had to describe you in 3 words, what would they say? Always be aware of the message you are conveying. Live your life with that clarity that makes it easy for people to decipher your founding principles (for me? Christian, lover of God). This goes hand-in-hand with last Thursday’s post about getting real with your coworkers: success at work comes from being an open and genuine person.

You get one shot, fellow office workers! Remember, life is too short to be insincere – especially at work.


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