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Thursday’s Theory: Diversification (or JADD)

Today’s post is not only a tip to you recent college grads, but also an explanation of my inability to post anything on a consistent basis.

Diversification. Job ADD. JADD.

At this time in your life (mostly in mine), it’s not time to settle into a career, but rather try out a few, and see which strikes your fancy. I’m not suggesting that you be impractical and become a nomad, but do please try your hand at a few things while you still have that freedom.

Here are, in order, all the professions I’ve accessorized my life with:

1. Paper boy (er, girl)

2. Grocery Store Cashier (longest running job, best boss)

3. Interim Executive Director of a pregnancy clinic (Loved that title!)

4. Dogwalker/Dogsitter (Most favorite of all jobs held – I miss you Sam!)

5. Kitchen worker/dishwasher (Best coworkers EVER – a bunch of grumpy old men!)

6. Ministry Event Planner for my society (challenging emotionally and spiritually)

7. RA of first floor, Melford Dorm (Best friendships, most late nights)

8. Airport Grounds Crew (Job with the best benefits – free flights?!?)

9. Assistant Teen Leader (Self-titled. Since I wouldn’t leave they made me actually help out…)

10. Circulation receptionist, my local newspaper (First Full-Time Job!)

11. Sunday School Teacher (by far the hardest, and the most rewarding)

12. Blogger (Not a job, mostly for fun)

As I review my career choices and realize just how far I’ve come, I wouldn’t trade a sleepless minute. Each job taught me something about myself, broadened my experiences, and expanded my ideas about what “work” means. I could wax eloquent on this subject for another 5 paragraphs at least, but unfortunately, reality cramps my writing time. I have another job to go to tonight, and many responsibilities crowding the limited time between the 2 jobs for today.

Get out there and spread your talent around, friends! Trying new things will make you a better person – more “diversified” 🙂


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