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Thursdays Theory: Be Legendary.

There is a moment (hopefully many) where life strikes you with it’s richness and depth, when the door of possibilities is open and dreams are closer to reality then they ever seemed before.

Today seemed like just such a moment, when I felt that exhilarating urgency to start my life.

Here I stand, fighting against debt and boredom, at the beginning of my life. I have nothing to hold me back, and big dreams of a successful life. I feel as though I’m bursting with the freshness of expectations for the future. This does not, however, make me bursting with productivity at work…in fact, it entails a large amount of daydreaming and blog-reading.

Enough of the lofty rambling.

What is the theory for you today? I suppose it is “seize the day” for whatever moment you are at in life. No matter where you are reading this from, you are living. Profound, I know, but the bigger question here is not whether you are living or not, it’s “are you making an impact?”

Here’s my advice: be legendary. Do things you wouldn’t normally do, live for something bigger than yourself, and make a difference. For me, that difference came when my mom shared with me about Jesus dying for my sins – I’m glad she chose to be legendary.

Here are some parting thoughts on legendariness:

Be Spontaneous…

In a great article I read by John Piper, he makes the point that marriage murders spontaneity, to a point. I write this only because a lot of my friends (male and female) don’t realize what an awesome thing they have going when they are unattached. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for marriage, but you can’t just pick up and go when you have someone else’s needs to think about. In other words, you can’t be as selfish (ly awesome). Have an adventure or 3! Get a job at an airport and fly everywhere!

…but not TOO spontaneous

I’ll admit, it’s hard to temper your zeal with practicality, but it will pay off in the long run. If you are in debt like me (doesn’t matter what kind of debt, I won’t discriminate!), Maybe now isn’t the time to quit your day job because you want to take that Alaskan cruise. There is a certain principle that you should work before you get rewarded, even if that working season of your life drags on and on.

That will have to do for tonight – I’m running late for job #2, and dreams don’t always pay the bills 🙂

One of my better shots - An accurate portrait!

GO LIVE YOUR LIFE! (This face is legendary..)


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2 thoughts on “Thursdays Theory: Be Legendary.

  1. ginger on said:

    I just did some legendary dishes…. I am awesome. 🙂

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