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Thursday’s Theory: The “Quick Turn”

What is a quick turn? I’m glad you asked! A “Quick Turn” is the time it takes for a plane to land, deboard, board, and take off again, but that isn’t exactly how I like to apply it…

The “Kelsea Quick Turn” is the time it takes to go from a completely unconsciousness trainwreck to a fully functioning business professional (anywhere from 10-20 minutes).

I would like to credit my college years for preparing me for this slightly irresponsible, yet somewhat impressive talent. Also, my snooze button.

Should you ever find yourself in that heartstopping panic attack mode 10 minutes before your shift starts, where everything is a blur, here are a few tips:

A) Pick out your clothes the night before.

Make sure it all matches, and that it is within reach. Believe me, this alone can cut out a lot of confused, wasted minutes when you are running late.


Meet my coffee maker Max. He hangs out under my desk.

Meet my coffee maker Max. He hangs out under my desk.

I’m not sure that any further explanation here is necessary. Drink up!

3. Stock up.

You can never be too prepared at work – have things like breakfast bars/other snacks in a desk drawer to make up for missing breakfast, a toothbrush/paste in the bathroom cabinet (if you are lucky enough to have one at your workplace), some deodorant or perfume, etc. Basically, pack a survival kit, especially if you hate mornings as much as me.

You can take my advice on this Theory – these tips will help make your life a whole lot easier when trying to break through the brick walls of sleep fog in your brain. I have enough experience to offer this advice with 100% authority, not that I’m proud of this (ok, a little).

The biggest reward? When you get to work before any of your coworkers and NO ONE CAN TELL you just woke up. #Rockstar


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