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Thurday’s Theory: Let them go.

What are you afraid of losing, at the office?

A Client? Your Job? What about your employees? I recently read a post from Joanna Lord (who is the VP of a Seattle Startup SEOmoz) about ways to inspire your team of employees. The last point was all about this idea of getting over your fear of them leaving, and it was very thought provoking.

Often that fear can cloud effectiveness and creativity of the employee in question as they sense your desperation. It takes a great deal of maturity to realize that, more and more, jobs are liquid. People move, grow, and change. Don’t try to inhibit that! Realize that you can’t always hold onto someone, and they may just want to stay.

I admire the encouragement that this company gives to its employees – it fosters an exciting atmosphere of empowerment and progress. Believe in your employees enough to let them pursue their own dreams. After all, if you force them to stay, you might only get a forced effort out of them.

You may not be a CEO or manager, but don’t let your current position stop you from thinking big and outside the box. It’s that kind of thinking that will push you forward, maybe even to that corner office! 😉


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