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Thursday’s Theory: 12 Hours

The best part about my night job (besides FREE FLIGHTS?!), is the opportunity it affords for conversation. Take tonight, for example. As we waited for a delayed plane, my coworker and I got to talking about my blog, jobs, and priorities.

A coworker of hers used this phrase quite often: “I have 12 hours.” 12 hours to finish my work, 12 hours to complete these tasks. No matter how crazy things got, she knew she had the whole shift to figure it out.

This philosophy intrigued me, and thus a Thursday’s Theory was born! Here it is fellow coworkers:

Prioritize your time.

Whether you have 8 hours or 12, there is usually a set amount of time you will spend at work everyday (unless you start your own business, in which case, you will eat/sleep/breathe work WAY past 8-12 hour days). Keep the big picture in mind! If a task seems to big to figure out, take a deep breath, and start with one small aspect (the starting line, if you will). Patience and Prioritizing are key – what is most important for THIS day?

My coworker’s advice that you have 12 hours to get your work done made me realize something: that may apply to shift work and job responsibilities, but not to the way I live my life.

Can I just be honest with you, reader? Even as I write this post about priorities, I’m still failing, still avoiding something that used to be priority #1 in my life: my relationship with God. It’s easier to write about failings sometimes than it is to face them.

I’m going to ask questions here of you that I need to ask myself, and I’m hoping it inspires some introspection. Are you living your life like you’ve got 12 hours? What I mean by that is this: Do you think you have a set time in which to accomplish goals in life? Let’s be honest, none of us know how much time we have. We can’t fill our lives with work or pleasure thinking that at the end of our “12 hours” we will still have time to set things right.

I keep thinking I have all the time in the world to serve God, to make a difference, to build a relationship, but in reality, time is constantly being ripped from me by work, facebook, hulu, even this blog. So many things cheapen my life by the sheer quantity of time-wasters. What are my goals? What are yours?

All in all, it was a wonderfully relaxed, impromptu interview, and I always welcome advice/ideas from those who have “work experience seniority” over me. I love these brainstorming sessions because they broaden my perspective, and make me thankful for the people who take time out of their lives to invest in mine.

I’ve slowly come to realize that when blogging is a collaborative effort, it makes the content richer merely from variety of voices, so I would love for YOU to share with me!

What are ways you prioritize at work?


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