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W.W.Wanderings: One Year Ago Today

Working Ways Wanderings: Welcome to a new segment I’m introducing to revive my writing, and relive my biggest adventure overseas! I plan to publish journal entries from my trip, along with pictures from Ireland, Paris, and Rome! Take this adventure with me, and we can all live vicariously for a while – after all, life could use a little excitement right now 😉


Four days left until I embark on the biggest journey I’ve ever taken! This summer I get the amazing opportunity to go on a mission’s trip through my college to the country of Ireland! I can hardly believe how the time has flown since I was told about the trip last year!

It seems as though I’ve been waiting for ages, yet I still want more time. Time? Yes, time to savor this excited disbelief, to make more connections with people who have travelled, and to enjoy my “lasts” for a while. Last cup of coffee, last quiet day at home, last conversation with a friend.


It looks so peaceful, right?

Emma came over tonight and we spent hours talking about travel: what to pack, how to figure the time difference to sleep on the plane, and how to have an adventure. To quote her:

It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.”

How true! She told stories about her trip to Germany, but the most entertaining stories were the ones where something went wrong.

Here's me and Em! This picture is SO old...she might kill me for putting it up here..

Me and Em in our MUCH younger days – Don’t kill me for posting this!

No matter what, I’ve come to realize that you can’t “plan” for a real adventure, because those unexpected moments make your trip more memorable. I feel as though I’m watching the sunrise of a life-changing even – sneaking up on me minute-by-minute until it takes my breath away!


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