Weekend Wanderer

WWW: Day 2 – Pre-trip!


My favorite part about this trip is how it brings people together to share their experiences.

I can’t count how many people have opened up and shared incredible experiences with me when they hear I am going to travel – it was formed and deepened so many friendships!

Just an old photo of true friends - all at our best, naturally

Just an old photo of true friends – all at our best, naturally!

I’ve learned so much already about people in general: the way they light up and share their stories when travel is mentioned, how there are so many interesting layers to what makes them who they are, and how often people will share your joy and excitement.

It’s that little spark of life that makes the conversation worth having, that transforms the standard polite conversation I’ve been having all along.

I’ve realized that people have stories just below the surface that you would never guess – I’ve just never found a way to unearth them until now! Relationships get so much richer with those around me as I prepare for my journey, because they are centered around positive, life-changing events.

This is what I miss from college, though it is a poor comparison since my relationships there were strengthened/centered around Christ rather than travel. Still, it is encouraging to see people share their lives with me, and actively take part in mine!

College: amazing friendships and memories!

College: amazing friendships and memories!

Today’s takeaway is to let those around you into your life – allow them to share your joy and excitement! Sometimes, life is too short to talk about the weather.


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