Weekend Wanderer

WWW Day 4: First flight impressions, and DEpressions.

Today I’ll have to combine 2 different entries, just to show how quickly my excitement for flying wears off . I found it hilarious!


Few things are more surreal than taking off and flying over other countries. I’ve never done something  so exhilerating in my life as flying alone!

On one hand, it shows you a ton about the kind of person you are, and on the other, it changes the person you once knew in limited surroundings.

Looking down at these miniature landscapes, I feel as though my soul is expanding to take it all in! What must God feel like, looking down at what He’s created? I don’t pretend that this is even a comparison to what the Creator of the universe sees, but it changes your perspective, and maybe lets you in on a small morsel of that joy.

Here are my friends Josh and Annie! Only they could look that adorable on a zillion hour flight...(notice the lack of pictures of myself)

Here are my friends Josh and Annie! Only they could look that adorable on a zillion hour flight…(notice the lack of pictures of myself)

This is an awe-inspiring trip, and I’m not even off the plane yet! Words simply don’t do it justice, can’t adequately express the view from my window, looking out on a global community much smaller than I’d ever imagined.

And now I present the journal entry from many hours later on the same flight:


1. Flying is over-rated. Seriously, I’m over it. Screaming kids and lack of leg room ruin the poetry of take-off real fast.

2. Driving down the back roads in Ireland is INSANE! Seriously, if you get the chance to drive here, ask someone else to drive you instead and stay safe (re: alive).

544401_10151002310684755_839390613_nHaving someone else drive is good for a few reasons: First, and most obvious, you won’t have the stress of driving on the wrong side of the road with zero shoulder (eek!). second, SCENERY.



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