Weekend Wanderer

WWW Day 7: Midnight at McDonalds


Last night, right before bed, Susie realized she had homework to finish…and NO wifi connection at our cottage! This led to…

“Midnight at McDonalds”

Three tired travelers accompanied Susie into the misty, foreboding Irish night in search of a wireless connection. At last, after many winding roads with tall, ominous hedges, there it was: our beacon of safety in the form of golden arches.

See? Things do jump out of the hedges!

See? Things do jump out of the hedges!

The promise of free wifi was tantalizing, almost within our grasp, but wait! McDonalds had closed its doors, open only to the drive-through customers. What to do? Susie was in desperate need of wireless, and the rest of us were desperately in need of a bed.

In these situations, it’s always recommended to stay calm, and stay fed! As we pulled to the drive up window for a late-night treat, Josh took the initiative to ask if there was any way we could still access the wireless. Hoping to be invited inside, we waited with baited breath.

“You could try the parking lot.”

Only in Ireland would we circle the parking lot at midnight trying to find the best connection to wireless! 1 hour and 3 McFlurries later, Susie’s homework was complete! I’ll always remember this unexpected trip, and the quietly significant conversations with two people I admire very much. Josh and Annie both have a heart for the Irish people, a love that runs deep, and I love to hear them talk about hopes and fears for the future. These are the moments that matter.

Back up the dreaded, twisting country road we went, in the black of night, telling ghost stories and conjuring up images of “Children of the Corn.” After being sufficiently terrified, we arrived at our isolated cottage.

By this point, irrational fear had taken over. Already jittery from the long, ominous car ride, we made a quick dash to the door, our nervous giggles bubbling up from illogical terror.

As Josh finally inserted the key and the door creaked open, 2 things happened simultaneously: the lights went out and a hand GRABBED MY WAIST!

Needless to say, heart palpitations and a sleepless night followed.


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