Weekend Wanderer

WWW Day 8: Shopping One Year ago Today


Shopping Day! I searched high and low to find the very specific “Irish” things to commemorate my trip:

1. Claddagh Ring

1. Claddagh Ring

2. Trinity Knot Pendant

2. Trinity Knot Pendant

Walking the streets of Derry with the locals was a quietly incredible experience. It just felt so natural, like I belonged here.

Crowd anonymity has always made me feel comfortable, safe even. It’s in a crowd that you can be anyone, that you don’t have to worry about pleasing others based on what they expect of you. You just “are.”

I also love anthropology, so collecting observations about people is exceptional in a crowd. Sometimes we were silent, sometimes we chatted lightly, blending and melting into the culture around us.

Speaking of anthropology, we got a pleasant surprise in the form of an Irish shopkeeper. When browsing his small-but-neat shop, he talked excitedly with us about America, about his city, about his daughter, and about the small things that make up the larger fabric of our lives.

It just goes to show that everyone has a story. Human existence is made up of stories we live, and how we tell them is our choice. I’ve echoed this sentiment so many times on the blog you are probably tired of it, but I will never stop loving a good story.

I’m honored when someone trusts me with their story. So many things in our lives make us careful to share, slow to trust, and I regard these “small” moments of honesty to be singularly special.

Never stop noticing the quiet moments – so much life resides there, so open your eyes to notice. It might just surprise you.


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