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WWW: Day 12 – A day of rest


What I love about Sundays..

This week has been so busy, and despite the lack of evidence in this journal, we really have been helping at the church every night with camp-style meetings.

There is nothing I love more than being able to teach the little ones about God – they understand so much more in their simple clarity than most jaded adults. Would that we all could hold onto that fresh innocence, that simple trust.

Today was a “catch up on sleep” kind of day after a Sunday service from Pastor Snode.


Pastor Snode chatting with Sarah during “tea and biscuits”

While everyone else caught a nap, I used the time for some quiet reflection. Something struck a chord in my weary soul this morning:

“When we have faith, it changes the way we view the troubles that will come.”

No one was ever promised an easy ride, especially not Jesus. He suffered and died for people who didn’t even love Him so that He could save them. To me, this part will never be just a story, a Sunday School lesson, or a degrading of my intellect.

God knows the severe pain I’ve been through, and He held me in His arms during those troubles. He knows because He lived it first.

As I look back on the short life I’ve lived so far, I’ve known pain and troubles that seemed uncommon to me. Things that people don’t talk about in day-to-day life for fear of uncovering the evil that we might all be capable of.

Things that should have turned me away from God, church, and religion.

Yet here I am, because His love is relentless. He was the only strength I had, my hope, my joy, the grounding of my soul when men failed me. Here I am because trial by fire is meant to refine.

Yes, pain is a part of life, and if my trials taught me anything, it’s that I should open my eyes to the pain of others, because we are all harboring it somewhere. If I have the capacity to hurt that strongly, how could I be calloused to others pain?

These questions saturate my brain and heart as I savor the silence of our tiny, sleeping cottage this afternoon. My hands have been busy cleaning while my soul is being refreshed, while I ponder this life I can’t comprehend.

It may seem unexplainable, or unbelievable, but the peace I’ve known in those times is a tangible truth distilled in the recesses of my heart. I know who I am, and I know who God is. That’s enough for me.

Now the cottage is waking up, coming back to life, and I need to get back to helping make supper. This moment in time, when everything stopped so I could reflect on the beauty of what life is, was a precious stillness in the usual cacophony.

Before I go, here are the people who’ve made an impact on me, those who I’ve seen genuine faith in, and who challenge me to live beyond myself. They are the kind of friends who are written on your heart.


Josh & Annie Moore, myself, Terri & Travis Snode


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2 thoughts on “WWW: Day 12 – A day of rest

  1. Harriet Bosico on said:

    Kelsea—-I always enjoy reading your blog…blesses my heart every time…very special!

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