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W.W.Wandering the Cliffs of Moher: Day 20


Another day, another adventure traversing Ireland!

Have you ever been to a place where words escape you? Where you feel your soul settling into stunned silence and awe of the raw beauty around you? Welcome to the Cliffs of Moher:


Breathtaking, with an air of mystery




Check out how close that “foot path” was to the edge! Note that there are no railings either…


An isolated Turret



Once there, this British man chatted me up and asked me to take his picture while my friends snickered and produced photo evidence…how awkward.


I loved this lonely little rock formation – almost like a pinky!


Will I ever get over this? Most beautiful place I’ve been to


Part of the journey included reconnecting with a lovely woman named Josephine that Brittany met on the plane ride over! She bought us all tea and biscuits while we got to know her!


On the way back, we stopped at the Burren (lit. “Great Rock.”), which is actually a national park. It was rugged and wild and perfect.


These people. This place. Memories stronger than the rock we stand on.


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2 thoughts on “W.W.Wandering the Cliffs of Moher: Day 20

  1. Wow, Ireland’s natural beauty is stunning; I am putting it on my list of “must go soon” travel destinations.

    I’m excited to read more of your posts Kelsea! You really have a way with words from the few posts I’ve glimpsed over thus far. I’m impressed.

    Did you lose your photos due to a hardware malfunction with your computer, or did the files just get misplaced/lost over time?

    I’m excited to read about your adventures overseas! Sadly, I won’t have the time to truly enjoy them until the first few stressful weeks of school are over.

    • Thank you so much Paul! You will love Ireland – how could you not?? As soon as school is over for you, or over a holiday, make sure you go there for a visit.

      I didn’t lose my photos on my computer, but they are not sorted and some got saved in old albums so I have had trouble finding where they went and reorganizing 😦

      Good luck with the first few weeks of school Paul! It will get better once you have had a few weeks to settle in.

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