Weekend Wanderer

A “Trip-Up” in my W.W.Wanderings

Dear Reader,

I apologize for my lack of posts chronicling my journey to Ireland and beyond last year.

I’m having a bit of trouble locating the pictures to go with my posts! I know they are on my laptop somewhere, it’s just the unearthing that takes the time.

Ever been there?

I’m hoping you fellow travelers (or vicarious travelers) can relate to that disorganized jumble of everything when you get back, resulting in a loss of pictures, trinkets, energy, and sanity. So far I’ve been able to use pictures on Facebook that I posted while I was there, and ones I’ve stolen from Elizabeth Moore Photography (this is one of the MAJOR perks of traveling in a group – you are always sure to have duplicate pictures of your adventures, and you are in a lot more of them!).

Until then, please excuse the silence! I’ve got a few more days in Ireland, a whirlwind trip to Paris, and some blissful days in Rome to cover before I run out of material for this series.

Thanks for joining me thus far! It’s been incredible reliving my memories with you! More to come within the next day or two!




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