Weekend Wanderer

WWW Day 21: The Rush is On!

Hello my faithful friends! Thank you for being patient with me during my weeks of silence here on the blog. With or without the excuse of busy-ness, sometimes we all hide from our own words.

It feels good to get back into my  “Working Ways Wandering” Series, like stretching after a long sleep. I left off with last day our missions team was together:


This whole day could be described as a rush.

There was the rush to enjoy our last hours together, the rush of people on the street in a town-wide celebration, and finally, uncontrollable, the rush of the clock.


Crazy hometown pride for Olympian boxer Katie Taylor, who won Gold!

Of all the moments we’ve had on this trip, watching a town explode into celebration when one of their own won the battle (literally!) was one of the most exhilarating!

I love how sports can unite us, especially Olympic sports. There was a strong sense of camaraderie and pride amongst these people who normally might not share much in common. Today, they were all supporting, all fighting with a boxer named Katie – their friend, their neighbor, their champion.

If there was a moment to record out of this otherwise busy day, this was it. The swell of the crowd and the roar of success that turned strangers into bosom friends was deafening. I felt like part of the family.

Speaking of family, living together for a few weeks will definitely bond people , and it was evident in our “last night together” conversation. These acquaintances who were thrown together a month ago were now reminiscing about how close we were.


Best of friends, Best of chocolates


Awkward family photo, anyone?


…and then that happened.

I’ve lived through a lot with these friends who are now my family, and I wouldn’t trade a minute with them.


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