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WWW Day 22: Alone in Dublin!

Phase 2 of my travel series: “‘Almost’ Alone to roam.” The school group I travelled here with left this morning, and my best friend Susie and I are starting our own adventures!


A morning that starts quietly is always a good omen.

This morning, steam curled from my coffee cup, and the streets were still, save one boy washing the sidewalk across the alley. It was strangely silent, but sitting in this moment of complete freedom, unencumbered by schedules, was perfect.


Our spot to quietly watch the city wake up, before the rush and bustle of the streets crowded our consciousness.

Dear Reader: Take time to be both an observer and a participant. As I read this particular journal entry, I can still remember in vivid detail the feeling of that morning. Sometimes making the most of every moment means being still to let your senses tell the story.


Saint Stephen’s green: Another pocket of peace to linger in this morning


This was such an oasis in the midst of the bustling city!

With that, we melded into the quickly gathering crowds. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to be independently wander the city, exploring at will whatever grabbed our fancy.


Grafton Street, Dublin

Once again, I was thrilled with the adrenaline of the streets – pulled along by the ever-changing tide of faces. In some ways, I love being in a crowd: I love observing those around me without having to carry on a conversation, love the fact that I’m anonymous, hiding in plain sight.

We wandered around, taking part of the ebb and flow of a city, lunching wherever we found it convenient, which just happened to be here:


Trinity College, where we stopped to see the famous Book of Kells


Not shown in this picture: the handsome Irish student who came out of the door behind us to take a phone call. I was mid-chomp, which I’m sure was very attractive. Naturally.

From there we stumbled on the one of the coolest spots in Dublin, Temple Bar. It’s a part of Dublin where the cobblestone streets have been carefully preserved since Medieval times, and is the cultural “hotspot” of the city!


A shot of Temple Bar area (see the red sign?)


At the end of the day, we were exhausted from the overstimulation of our senses, but we didn’t care. Now our adventure had begun. If we wanted to spend the whole day exploring a city with no set destination, we could.

And that friends, is exactly what we did.


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