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WWW Day 23(p.m.): Scampering through Glendalough

I’ve come to expect larger-than-life sights from this small island nation, and this afternoon confirmed my expectations.

Our host offered to take Susie and I, along with 2 other American interns they had staying with them, to a place called “Glendalough” (pronounced Glendaloch). He explained that it was an old monastic site that was close by, so we were up for the adventure!

Travel tip: whenever someone who lives in the country you are visiting offers to take you somewhere, GO. You just may end up here:


Welcome to Glendalough, quite possibly home to Rapunzel.


The Round Tower could be used as a place of refuge, a storehouse, or a bell tower!


Just down the path are the crumbling ruins of a cathedral


Sus and I just had to scale the wall to get this shot!


“St. Kevin’s church”


My heart is drawn to gloomy places, so this graveyard was naturally a favorite of mine!


Pride and Prejudice Reference!


This valley is a favorite attraction because it is nestled in the Wicklow Mountains – gorgeous!

The next set of photos are from our hike up the mountain to the lake – it was everything you could wish for: lush, green, perfect:

IMG_2823 IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2844 IMG_2850 IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2872 IMG_2874IMG_2852On the way up, there is St. Kevin’s cell, who was the founder of this whole monastic site:

IMG_2878 IMG_2885 IMG_2897 IMG_2887Here are some views from the top, at the Upper Lake:

IMG_2829 IMG_2832IMG_2903 IMG_2906IMG_2834

When we finally tore ourselves away to make our descent, I discovered my future home!
IMG_2856IMG_2915 IMG_2924

From the Count of Monte Cristo’s house to monastic ruins nestled in perfect Wicklow mountains, this day has been exhaustingly sublime.

As the Irish say for farewell, “Safe Home!”


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