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How I Ruined 2 Pictures with a Celebrity.

It was late Saturday night in NYC, and the streets were alive with the glamorous theater crowd as shows on Broadway bid us goodnight. I was part of that crowd, drawn along in the irresistible tide of harried excitement.

I was still reeling with emotion from my play, trying to absorb all the magic of Broadway along with my cheesecake from Juniors. It had been the perfect night – how could it get better? We sat and chatted, mocking the cluster of fans outside a nearby theater until we took a closer look:


Wait, who is that?? That’s not…no it couldn’t be…



First, if you don’t know who Zachary Quinto is, please go watch both Star Trek movies (he plays Spock).  Check it out:


This solidifies his fame…we are talking A-list actor here people!

And here he was, a mega-celebrity standing in the alley across from the greatest cheesecake place in NY. I promptly abandoned my cheesecake (a testament to my overwhelming excitement, because that was heaven on a plate), and ran to join the gaggle of fans.

I would like to take a moment to publicly praise how extraordinarily patient this man was with all his fans, no matter how ridiculous they were. He smiled and chatted and made direct eye contact with each person. He never seem rushed or annoyed, though it was easy to see he was exhausted. I am glad that he was the first celebrity experience I had – it was truly a privilege.


Look how close he is! Not pictured: the woman who was talking his ear off about how his movies saved her son’s life…seriously lady? Move aside.

Suddenly I realized how silly it all seemed, to be standing at the back of the crowd getting zoomed in pictures when he was less than 20 feet in front of me. I wasn’t nervous or scared, I was just suddenly inspired by the thought that I had to take this chance – I had to seize the moment!

It was incredibly easy to maneuver to the front of the crowd, and even easier to tap this celebrity on the arm and say “Can I have a picture with you Zach?” The audacity of it surprises me now, but at that moment there was no hesitation, only smiles.

I just had one problem.

I forgot about the zoom:


Wait WHAT?? There’s no way I just did this…NO WAY.

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that happens to me: incredible moments highlighted by terrible luck (and, fortunately, a great sense of humor). After laughing so hard I was shaking with my friends, I swallowed my pride and fought BACK through the crowds for my second chance. There was no way I was going to come this close only to have some stupid mistake ruin everything!

Fun side note: when I explained to Mr. Quinto about the zoom, he laughed at me. Let me repeat, I made a famous person laugh. I like to think that I brought some unexpected joy to his day, not that I was just another of thousands who have done the same thing…

He graciously took the picture and turned to leave, which is when I realized that THIS is what I was left with:




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