Weekend Wanderer

NYC Breaking Stereotypes: Not Everyone is Rude.

Dear NYC, Thank you.

Thank you for last weekend. Thank you for completely surprising me, for instilling wonder in me, and for showing me your best.

Yes, I loved the rush and bustle of Times Square, loved pushing past people and hitting the side of a bus to say “I’m walkin here!”, but I loved seeing your humanity, too.


Sunset in Times Square

You see, I was expecting a little worse behavior, and that just wasn’t fair.

You surprised me in little ways that made me ashamed of the way I stereotyped you.

Little ways like the kindness of the bellboys at the Hyatt in Grand Central, who gave us free water bottles after patiently checking our bags for the night (even though we weren’t guests there).

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center

There was a kind, blue eyed man at Starbucks who gave us his spot in line (I’m beginning to wonder if we looked desperately out of sorts this whole trip, to elicit such grand reactions!), and a cabbie who called us “kid.”


There was the tattoo-ed hipster on the subway who cracked jokes about train delays, and smiled at us without scorn.

There were so many moments when I felt completely safe and embraced by fellow citizens in this ultimate melting pot.


We made friends with a native New Yorker in the line for lottery tickets to a Broadway play, who sat on the ground with us as we waited, and shared our nervous excitement. I regret not getting his name, but sometimes that just isn’t important, and good connections don’t need a name.


Did I get ripped off and pushed around? Sure, but I also saw so many things to make me proud, little acts of kindness that could be as small as helping someone get their bike off the subway, or taking a picture for three very excited tourist girls (without stealing their camera!):

IMG_4672Thank you for accepting me for who I am, it was such a relief not to feel apologetic for dressing up, or like I stood a foot above the crowd.

I really can’t thank you enough, NYC. You were brilliantly exhilarating.

Until next time,



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