Weekend Wanderer

What is in a (Blog) Name?

In the past few days, I’ve had something of an epiphany, one that’s kept me away from actually blogging.

I don’t like “Working Ways.”

Here’s the thing: blogging about the workplace just feels like…more work.

It’s not inspiring, and often feels hollow and trivial coming from a lowly, 1-year-old receptionist. Here is my very mature blogging philosophy lately: avoid it completely.


I’m hoping that you understand, that I’m not the only one who buries their head in the sand when writer’s block becomes more like a brick wall. I’ve literally been re-writing the same 4-sentence post for TWO WEEKS.


This is frighteningly close to my real life now…

The big “Aha” moment came when I started writing about my trip to Ireland last year. For the first time, I realized what it was to like blogging.

This is why I’m contemplating changing my blog name (again). Why have a blog that becomes a burden?

I’ll have to admit that at first, I felt like a flake for changing my blog name again, but then I realized that, like Edison, I needed a few failures in order to find something that works.

Hopefully I won’t need 1,000 tries like Edison, but I feel like I’m coming closer.

I want to write about something that actually inspires me, something I love, and it turns out that my adventures (along with the people I meet) are what really drive my passion.

That’s why I chose “Weekend Wanderer” as my new title – I want to record the trips I squeeze in around my 2 jobs, and I want to take you with me.

Bon Voyage!



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2 thoughts on “What is in a (Blog) Name?

  1. stephanizzle on said:

    I am all for your wandering weekends! And let it be recorded that I resolved to be included in as many of these as possible. And yay for using your iPhone to capture pretty pictures of it all!

  2. Oh you will be included 🙂 Can’t wait to explore some cities with you! Seattle here we come!

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