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The Search for Serendipity (NYC)


Since my brother’s accident, I’ve been WAY behind on posting. I’m slowly catching up on NYC and Washington DC. Here is one particularly dramatic journey for food in NYC:

2:00pm, Lost in Manhattan.

At this point, it seems like all I’ve ever wanted out of life was a cheeseburger.

I stumble over my rubbery flats and glower at innocent passersby. I faintly realize my peevishness, but am powerless to stop it.

Hanger” consumes me:


I haven’t eaten since a few granola bars at about 7am, and for those of you who know me, this is clearly not enough to sustain me.

What brought me to this desperation? It all started with a movie:


“Serendipity” starring Kate Beckinsale, John Cusack, and frozen hot chocolates.

Ah, Serendipity, the fortunate accident, the movie, the pleasant surprise of love, all centered around an eclectic shop with legendary frozen hot chocolates.

It seemed only natural that we should visit someplace “famous” while we were here, and we were determined to find this shop:


See how it’s cutely tucked away? Yeah. 10 TIMES harder to find.

After a brief foray into Central Park (where we ran into hilarious street performers) turned into an hours-long trek to find another entrance, I couldn’t go on.

The pain in my feet was only a faint echo of the pain in my empty stomach. WHERE WAS THIS PLACE??

Clearly, you understand why we may have walked RIGHT by it.

Understand why we may have walked RIGHT by it??

It was an overwhelming relief, to say the least, when we finally found this place…until we walked in.

“It will be a 30 minute wait.”

Kristina and I sank to the bench in wordless, exhausted despair. After the eternal 30 minute wait, we were seated in the lovely upstairs gallery for our meal:


1391624_10101493768369120_360081892_nAnd then, FINALLY, we ate. I do not remember what I ordered (at this point, did it matter?), but it was sublime:


I’m surprised I got a picture before it was devoured – It was Delush!

And then, the reason why we suffered so long in the first place:


Frozen hot chocolate! A little melt was inevitable on such a muggy day.


Let me just say, it was worth it.

And that’s all she wrote! If you’ll excuse me, I have 10 pounds to gain tonight.

Merry Christmas!


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