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Things forgotten, D.C. Edition

Happy New Year Friends!

Let’s start the new year with a new trip! The story actually starts before the trip to visit my best friend Susie, in Washington DC:

Audience Poll: Who struggles with packing for a trip?


Packing generally takes me longer than the average traveler. At least it seems that way:

First, I procrastinate.

Next, I panic and overpack:


Finally, I always leave something behind.

On this trip it started with something simple:


A small item, but things escalated quickly.

I wasn’t worried. After all, I was headed to my best friends house, so it’s not like I was destitute. She and I traveled the world together, borrowing everything we forgot, so a razor was small peanuts.

Missing item #2 was discovered later, after hours of walking the city destroyed my feet, rendering them as useless as the two nubs they felt like:


Shoes. Real Shoes. Something, ANYTHING with arch support!


This is what I brought. 1 centimeter of sole, zero arch support, and endless pain.

There was a beautifully funny moment at the end of that day, when Sus and I collapsed in the car, groaning simultaneously in sheer pain.

It brought an attack of laughter that came like a shot of pure joy, one that you remember long after other things have faded.

Following in the comedic vein, next on the list was…

The “Almost Missing”


My phone. For about 6 HOURS.

The real kicker? It was lodged in the seat of the car the whole time! Oy. The universe didn’t collapse, and I felt delightfully free during that time. I should do this more often!

Last, but not least:


My camera. Who does this?

That’s right friends. I went to a completely new city without my camera to document it! I had that sinking feeling of dread when I realized it – you know the kind where you can’t stop looking in your suitcase even though it is NOT there? I was kicking myself for that one.

Thankfully, Susie graciously lent me her camera, and I used my phone for some pictures as well (after I unearthed it from the car)!

In the end, I had grainy pictures, achy feet, and a blissfully perfect time. More stories to come!


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One thought on “Things forgotten, D.C. Edition

  1. Well written Kelsea, per usual.

    I’m a little taken aback by the fact that you borrowed a razor. That’s one degree left of a toothbrush. Granted, I can admire that level of reciprocity for ease of packing…maybe I’ll take it up.

    “Tom, I need to borrow your toothbrush, it’s an emergency.”
    “But Paul, they are like 30 cents at Walgree—“
    “Toothbrush now, we share everything. Also, I smell like you because I used your deodorant, and I’m wearing your contacts so put on your glasses. ”

    As for the shoes, if you would buy a Segway you could roll around without pain and have the added bonus of looking really, really cool. Plus, since you borrow everything you could just carry it on the plane, done deal.

    Poor Susie:
    “Thankfully, Susie graciously lent me her camera…”
    “…I had grainy pictures…”

    Here Kelsea, borrow my family heirloom, it’s a 1999 HP Phoyosmart with a whopping 1 megapixel for when you really need to see all 256 colors.

    I kid, I kid. Great post Kelsea. 🙂

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