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Museum Madness, Part Two

Hello, friends,

I’ve left you hanging for quite a while! Last I wrote, I was in the middle of a Museum “Walk-A-Thon”, and I was already starting to feel it! Lets pick up where we left off:

Susie and I decided to grab a “quick” lunch at a Mediterranean place called Roti. It came highly recommended from her brother and sister-in-law, who are world travelers (they’ve lived in Australia, Korea, AND Italy…), so we thought, why not?

20 minutes later I was having flashbacks to my last ill-fated lunch escapade in New York. We were lost. You see, everything in D.C. is hidden:

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

Government secrets and restaurants alike are tucked into nondescript office buildings, leaving you to wander aimlessly around the nearly identical buildings.

We eventually found it with some careful phone directions, only to discover it was closed – Just our luck!

We settled for Chipotle (not a bad exchange!), and moved on to our next stop:

4. National Air and Space Museum

image (14)

We were trying to show the airplanes high above our heads!

image (16)

Here’s a better picture from the second floor!

image (15)

Tons of cool walk-through exhibits!

The day finally caught up with us, and we chose to view exhibits from the safety of a bench…

image (17)

Unfortunately, This is where I was at after all our walking. Can’t. Retain. Any. More.

There was so much more, like this scale model of the planets that captured my fancy:

image (18)

image (19)

The first hot air balloon!

I was literally limping out of this one, but we still had one more stop:

5. National Museum of American History

Infinity Sculpture

Infinity Sculpture late in the afternoon

unnamed (1)

Tons of exhibits, not enough energy to capture all of them!


Sus found her favorite exhibit!

And with that, our day of museum-ing was over. On our walk limp back to the car, I snapped pictures of buildings I couldn’t even remember:

image (21)

So beautiful in the waning light of the day 🙂

image (20) When we finally got back to the car, we collapsed in sheer pain, yelling and laughing over how much abuse we put our feet through.

I literally felt as though they had been worn down to nubs, and it was glorious.


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