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My First Crab Cakes, at The Chart house

You know that utter satisfaction of a good meal at the end of a long day?

Reliving that meal is the sole purpose of this post.


The Chart House, a place of dimly lit culinary delight.

I’m finishing up my trip to DC (who knew I could get so many posts out of 2 days?), where I crammed as many museums as I could into one day. Bet you thought I was done with that day, didn’t you?


I have to tell you about my first experience with crab cakes.

image (24)

Spoiler alert: it was divine!

I love talking about food almost as much as I love eating it, so I’m pretty excited about this post!

When Susie and I were first planning this trip, supper was almost the first thing we wanted to nail down (she is my best friend for a reason)! We have a history of enjoying some cool meals together, whether it’s because of the locations we eat at (Eiffel Tower, Spanish Steps in Rome), or the food, it’s always memorable!

This meal was no different, and I was highly anticipating it to be the best part of my day. I was not disappointed.

I am now officially a HUGE fan of crab cakes – they might just be my new comfort food! All that flavor, all that butter. 🙂

image (24)

Same shot, wishing I could eat it again!

I was not impressed with the green beans that were nothing more than placeholders taking up valuable real estate for another crab cake.

Oh well. Such is life. Sometimes you get handed limp, shriveled green beans and have to make them into something useful, like butter-gatherers.

At the beginning of our meal, the waitress had the foresight to suggest desert:


Lava cake! Bake time: 30 minutes. Eat time: 30 seconds.

Do yourself a favor, friends. Order the Lava Cake. It will be better than your best chocolate dreams. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

image (26)

One backward glance (this shot is blurry because I was in a food coma at this point).

When we finally waddled out of there, we decided that we must have coffee to finish the night.


Starbucks in Old Town Alexandria!

Old Town was definitely a highlight for me! All those quaint brick buildings and cobblestone streets make it the perfect atmosphere for a stroll.


Starbucks in the daylight.

One more thing about this old-town/hipster Starbucks: It used to be the Seaport Inn Restaurant in 1765!

It was the perfect blend of historic and modern, swirling together in harmony like the flavors in my peppermint mocha.


I would love to spend all day parked in front of this fireplace!

There we were, stuffed to the point of being giddy, refueled with caffeine, and a few hours of evening left before us.

What to do?

Don’t worry, this day isn’t over yet!


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2 thoughts on “My First Crab Cakes, at The Chart house

  1. Wow, the writing for this one was superb Kelsea!

    “…make them into something useful, like butter-gatherers.” At this point you had already won, but then you had to go and totally outdo yourself “it will be better than your best chocolate dreams. ” Forget gold, she’s straight to platinum.

    I suppose I have to blame you for a minor case of quality food deprevation induced depression, or I eat McDonalds too much for short…but I’ll get over it.

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