Weekend Wanderer

Sensations of a Storm

There’s nothing I love more than a good, soul-soaking rain.

It’s rare and beautiful, cleansing and refreshing all at the same time. It wakes me up in shivery wonder, making me laugh in true surprise when I’m caught outside in a sudden squall.

One thunderstorm stands out in my mind. I was caught in it, and I felt more alive than I’d ever been when I stood out in the pouring rain.

It was exhilarating, almost a natural high, a rush of pure joy that tingled over my skin. I came in drenched in giggles.

The feel of rain on my skin was zinging cold, rejuvenating, and clarifying.

That storm was a sensory overload, with the wind hissing through the wet leaves, pushing the water on the street like waves on the ocean, complete with sea-spray!

Shortly after, thunder started rolling, building, crackling, and gaining strength with the storm. It sent a thrill through me to hear that rumbling, shattering noise reach a pitch that seemed to be tearing the sky in two.

What naturally followed was the white-hot flickering tongues of lightning, too strong to stay before my eyes for longer than a moment.

It inspired terror and awe and silence, as if it were illuminating my soul.

Jagged forks of lightning lit up the clouds with sheer brilliance that lined every intricate detail of the billows behind it.

What should have made me run for cover instead made me linger, captivated by its energy.

I was awestruck, marveling at the majesty and raw power of a storm. Like all things of such forceful caliber, eventually it subsided.

The storm had played out its rage, and was left was a quiet drizzle. The gentleness of the rain was a stark contrast to the downpour just moments ago, as if to soothe the world.

Call me crazy, but that sleepy-peaceful haze that inspires blanket-snuggling is its own form of quiet magic.

As I stood and watched it taper off, I breathed in the smell of clean, earthy, damp energy (if you could smell that). That smell of cleansed, refreshed air is purer than anything in day-to-day life, and it imparts that same refreshment on those who breathe it in.

As I finally turned to walk inside (in teeth-chattering joy), I felt awakened for the first time in many days.



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One thought on “Sensations of a Storm

  1. I still sneak on and read this every once in a while. It brings me joy to read.

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