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More on Friendship, from Phoenix

Happy Friday!

I’m always behind when it comes to trips, because I’m lucky enough to have many stories to tell. Here’s another from my trip to Phoenix:

The reason I love to travel is the people I meet along the way. Old friends or new, I’ve been blessed to share in some pretty amazing lives. My life is richer because of these people – they show me different perspectives, and they gladly welcome me into their lives for the brief time we are able to spend together.

This trip was all about seeing my Aunt and Uncle (more on them later!), but it came with an unexpected surprise. My friend Lindsey lives in Phoenix, and we connected on this brief weekend!


I think this photo sums up Lindsey perfectly!

We were “unofficial” room mates in college. I had my own room, but she spent so much time hanging out there that it was basically her room too.

I loved that about college dorm life! Sure, it could be crazy loud and frustrating at times, but that’s where amazing friendships are formed – over LATE night study sessions and gas station snack runs. Side note: my stomach was not as strong as the friendships formed. Ugh Kwik Trip burrito, how you tortured me.

Any-who, she helped me through many business classes, including our final Capstone (even though we were on opposing teams = true friendship!).


Pre-Halloween in our creepy dorm basement..

As you can tell, we’ve had a lot of fun memories, and I was excited to see her again! Originally, I wasn’t going to see her until Saturday, but a freak snowstorm forced me to ask a favor of her.

“Would you be able to pick me up at the airport? I’ll probably be getting in after midnight..”

It seemed too much to ask of my retired uncle, and after all the delays, it’s a good thing I had a backup plan! I waited at the airport for hours, and then on the ramp as we were stranded among drifts of snow. The night turned to morning, and Lindsey patiently waited up for me.

When I finally landed around 3:00…IN THE MORNING, Lindsey was there to pick me up.


You know your true friends by how much sleep they sacrifice for you

I can’t tell you how much it meant to walk out the doors of the airport to warm air (after months of deep freeze) and warm friendship.

To know that I had someone waiting for me even in the dead of night was comforting, and the fact that she let me crash at her place since it was too late to stop by Uncle’s house? Priceless.

The rest of my time was reminiscent of our laid back college friendship:


Hiking Hooligans, per usual


Thanks for such a great day in Sedona Lindsey!

I’m lucky to have such self-sacrificing, directionally efficient friends wherever I go.

I’d be lost without them (pun intended).


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