Weekend Wanderer


No, I did not just sneeze. 

This is the name of one of my favorite places on my trip to Phoenix (pronounced Tah-lockey Pockey).

It was an eclectic mish-mash of artsy shops that seemed to organically grow into their own village, set apart from the real world.

The giggle inducing entrance! It definitely piqued my interest!

The giggle inducing entrance! It definitely piqued my interest!

It really was enchanting, a fact that was cemented by the first shop that awaited us:


Though it could at least have vines growing over the door…

I think the reason I liked this hodge-podge village so much was because it reminded me a little of Europe:


These narrow alleys bear a strong resemblance to Rome!


Wrought iron tree enclosures? How French!

The village seemed to borrow from other cultures and eras, but it was still distinctly Arizona.

Inspired by the sun, it was a strangely mystic (in the dream weaver kind of way) place of its own. Everyone was so kind, and no clerk was pushy, but I felt if I stayed too long I might be inducted into a new age community! 😉

A little of that haphazard vibe leached into my photography. When I looked through my photos after the trip, it’s a happy chaos of inspiration:


I found this fountain disturbingly hilarious, because I’m 5.


More Parisian inspiration with a “love-lock” fence!


Squiggly trees in the courtyard


These should be attached to a villa in Tuscany, yes?


I think I was going for those lightbulbs strung across the courtyard…then again, this photo could be accidental.


I wish we could have been there at night, when all this was lit up!

Even though there was no scarcity of shops, I only came away with a small souvenir:

Very practical for my Siberian lifestyle!

Very practical for my Siberian lifestyle!

Tlaquepaque, the village that mirrored my laid-back, happy-tired attitude after a day of hiking. I think I’ll be back 😉




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