Weekend Wanderer

Retirement Living, in Phoenix

May is over.

So is June.

Do you know what that means?

I’m supposed to have gone somewhere glamorous from my “Monday’s Mumbles” post by now!

London was the plan, but as so often happens, plans changed. I stayed in the states, but still had a blissfully relaxing adventure. 🙂

In the mean time (drumroll please), I moved up in my company to a new position! As you can tell, it consumes much of my time as I learn both in and out of the office. Hence the silence over here on the blog. 

This is my last post about Phoenix, and then you will find out where I ended up over Memorial Day weekend!

Meanwhile in Phoenix:


Relaxation Station

Vacation should always be relaxing, yet too often I pack so much into the schedule that I’m exhausted when it’s all over. Not this time!


A view of the palms, from my lounge chair

I hardly had plans besides “crash at my uncle’s place” when I got on the plane. Lindsey and I planned a hike, but that was about it.

The journey there was so exhausting, that it made me crave some serious down time. What better place to get exactly that then in a retirement community??


Breakfast paradise after eternal winter

The first morning I slept late (getting in at 4am was my excuse), then headed to the pool! Uncle gladly led the way to a quiet pool in his neighborhood.

The air was a silky 75 degrees, the water was 80. After the winter we were experiencing, this was sheer bliss.

We floated around, chatting and napping as necessary, without a care in the world. My eyes had been opened – this was how vacations should be! Restorative and quiet, letting the sun soften your bones and melt your troubles away. I could use a little of that now!

The next day we took a leisurely ride around in a golf cart to “see the sights” of the community.


Cactus Garden!


Every house was perfectly decorated in stucco and cacti.


The golf course, and a pond

We even got out at one point to pick some fresh fruit! Don’t worry folks, the neighbor told my uncle to come take some…


“Let’s steal some oranges!” “Wait…are you serious??”


The grapefruit was out of this world!

All in all, it was a wonderful, relaxing, sun-filled heaven.

I caught a glimpse of retirement living (believe me, I made another contribution to my 401K when I got back), but more importantly?

I learned the value of slowing down there. 

It was priceless.

Until next time,




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