Weekend Wanderer

Battling Cheese Steaks, Philadelphia

Can you find a bad cheese steak in Philly?

Unfortunately, it’s true.

Here’s the situation. It was 4:00PM, and after an hour of traffic (in which we moved 3 blocks), we were so ready for a reward. 

God bless my poor father for fighting through the savages on the road just to make sure he fulfilled my goals of getting a cheese steak (and seeing the Liberty Bell) while in Philly.

We finally made it to the heart of Philadelphia. It was crowded and dirty, but so full of life. I feel that about every city I visit, that it has a personality all its own, which I’ll describe more later. For now, let’s get to the meat of the story.

On two opposing street corners stand two opposing steak shops: Pat’s and Gino’s. It’s a longstanding rivalry that we didn’t take the time to research. Dad maneuvered into a tight parking space, and we set off on foot to find these places.

The choice was left to me, and I failed. My discretion with directions and good eating places is questionable at best, so in hindsight it was probably a bad idea to leave the option up to me.

Pat’s King of Steaks it was, but I’m pretty sure he abdicated the throne long before we came to offer obeisance.

The steak was much too thick in a city known for its melt-in-your-mouth thin sliced options. It was tough and whoever cut it must have been drunk or weak muscled, since one bite spilled the contents of the sandwich onto the plate.

The offending party.

The offending party.

Do not fear readers! We are not the type to give up on a city so easily! We adapt, and move on to the shop down the street for a slice of pizza.


Get a load of that greasy goodness folks. It’s divine!

After all, when life hands you a sub par cheese steak, order a slice (and go to Gino’s next time).

Note: We had many other cheese steaks that weekend, in the spirit of second chances…and third chances..and fourth…ok, you get it.

One last word to my wonderful readers – if you follow me at all, I am sorry for the 2 month silence. It’s too hard to explain the things that take away the desire to write, but thank you for reading and supporting me through the good and the bad – I wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

Lately it feels like all I’ve done is travel. In fact, I’m writing this from seat 11E, waiting to take off to Minneapolis. I’m so behind in so many things, but today I promise to retrench, and redouble my efforts to blog about the trips I’ve made.

In the last 3 weekends I’ve been to Philadelphia, Cleveland, and now Madison, so I have quite the backlog!


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